Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just Another Reason to Hate Cell Phones.

Not that I needed one. I think cell phones are a pain in the @$$.

No, not my cell phone. I don't own one. Yours.

Cell phones have introduced a phone new outlet for rudeness in a society that wasn't in a need for it. Just once I'd like to go through a whole day without hearing one go off.

Hey, I know they can have a useful purpose. And used for those functions, I have nothing against them. What I hate is when they're used in restaurants, buses, gyms, public washrooms, etc.

Seriously, if you're in the john, can your conversation not wait the length of time it takes for you to...huh...finish the job? Even if it can't, can I ask for the courtesy of not being submitted to your "And she goes...and I'm like..." drivel while I'm trying to complete mine?

Now they may have found yet another fine use for cell phones. Killing bees.

Artist's Rendition: Not an actual bee.

A new study by a German university has suggested that mobile phones and other radio-emitting devices could be killing bees.

Researchers at Langer University in Koblenz said that radio interference from devices like mobile phones could be causing a dramatic decline in bee numbers.

The study suggests that the radio waves scramble bees' internal navigation systems, leaving them unable to find their hives.


Bees are vital to humans, since they pollinate over 80 per cent of the world's crops. In many cases bees have also been domesticated to the point where they can no longer live without human support.

But there are other reasons for the decline in bee numbers. Increased use of organophosphate pesticides seriously damaged European bee stocks a decade ago, and predators and fungal infections have also been cited as reasons for declining numbers.

Full Story.

In fairness it's not a complete certainty yet.

Of course, I felt the need to highlight the portion about pollinating, because I imagine that 98%+ of the population would never consider doing away with their precious cell phones over a few thousand bees.

Mind you, even if the impact became common knowledge, I still don't think people would give up cell phones or reduce their usage because once people get used to a luxury, they're very reluctant to go back. How many people do you know who have drastically reduced their automobile usage since the price of gas starting getting nuts a couple of years ago? My guess is very few. I gather the same would be true with cell phones.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I was the last person on earth under 40 with no cell phone. I am not alone, it seems.
I just don't understand how people can chain themselves to these money sucking tethers. Truly, I can count on maybe 1 hand how many times I have felt "A cell phone would be nice right now". Just don't see them as a necessity. And you are right - they open up whole new vistas of rudeness