Thursday, April 12, 2007

CFL Fans Fight Cancer

Well, that's one way to spend the offseason...

A fan of the Canadian Football League' s Winnipeg Blue Bombers has taken it upon himself to raise funds to be applied towards the fight against cancer. His plan is quite simple:

a) Have t-shirts made.
b) Sell said t-shirts.
c) Give profits to a cancer-based charity.

So simple even a Toronto fan would get it!

Ottawa doesn't have a football team at the moment, and my rants on the subject could fill a blog of its own (in fact, I do have one, but it's not relevant so I don't post about it here). Regardless, when this Winnipeg fan (named Cam, whom I've never met in person but have known online for a while) chose to include Ottawa anyway in his project, I thought I'd make myself useful.

Here are the shirt designs.

I understand they plan on making them in kids' sizes as well.

I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work yet. Cam wants the funds to remain in the city in which they were raised, which is fine, but with no team, CFL fanhood here is not great. It's not like I can bring a batch to games to sell; there are none.

I'll buy one for myself and wear it to local Semi-pro / University / Junior / Varsity / Midget games, and contact those various clubs in the event that someone(s) is (are) interested in purchasing some, but ideally I'd just as soon pass along the link and have people make their own purchases.

We'll see. Ultimately, for me, I like the idea of participating in a good cause, coast to coast, with folks who share a similar interest. And if I end up being the only one who buys one, Cam'll have one more sale than he would have had without me, regardless of where the funds end up.

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