Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fly Right, Part Two.

Earlier, I posted about a site called, through which you could book flights with Westjet. Westjet would then make a donation to Offsetters, who would then work towards neutralizing the carbon emissions caused by your trip.

THIT-in-law Kathy (Mrs THIT's sister) sent me link the other day to a page on a Air Canada's website which looks at the other side of green travelling; destinations.

Air Canada has given me plenty of reasons to hate them over the years, but if I had to fly on one of their planes to get to these places, I think I'd be able to overlook some past wrongs. ;)

I believe this is the one I'd choose...

4. Hix Island House, Vieques, Puerto Rico

A modernist Caribbean hideout designed by Toronto architect John Hix, this property consists of four poured concrete houses spread over 12 lush hilltop acres. Very much a stylish boutique hotel, it was also built with sustainability in mind: Silver and copper anodes clean the pool instead of chlorine; electricity and hot water are solar-powered; and trapped rainwater and recycled water from shower and kitchen drains nourish the property's guava, banana and papaya trees. Rooms are built on angles to capture the trade wind, so that the near constant breeze provides natural cooling – a rarity in air-conditioning-obsessed Puerto Rico.

...But I'd "tolerate" any of them. Good on Air Canada to make the suggestion.

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