Sunday, April 22, 2007

You Are Here.

Happy Earth Day! Give the nearest tree a hug today. ;-)

Feel like doing a little Earth Day online shopping? Treat yourself (and someone else) to a BOGO solar powered flashlight.

Shed Light on African Wildlife
AWF is working with BoGo Light to bring cheap, durable, and low-impact handheld lights to communities in wildlife areas around Africa. You can help by purchasing a BoGo Light on Earth Day.

The BoGo Light utilizes solar-rechargeable batteries to provide an inexpensive source of light. For countless many in Africa, light is a precious commodity. Kerosene lamps are typically the only source. They are not easily affordable, not always safe, and contribute to global warming.

When you purchase a BoGo (“Buy One, Give One”) Light, AWF will also receive one (1) light to give to game scouts, students and other conservation partners in Africa. Additionally, AWF will receive $1 dollar from SunNight Solar Enterprises for every light sold. It’s a technology that benefits people and the earth alike.

Be sure to select the African Wildlife Foundation as the recipient of choice on the BoGo Light website.

Buy a BoGo Light for yourself, and someone in Africa will receive a free light!

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