Sunday, April 08, 2007

Where Good Cars Go When They Die.

Why, Car Heaven, of course...

Car Heaven aims to help Canadians reduce their personal impact on the environment by providing a better choice for their old, higher-polluting vehicle.

I was made aware of this program through a green communities newsletter. They say: "...this program doesn't reduce the overall number of cars on the road, but it does remove the higher polluting ones."

The Clunker Counter is approaching 50,000, which is a pretty impressive number for a program started in July 2000.

At first I didn't quite see the point. It seemed like little more than taking a car off its blocks in the back yard and getting rid of it. I like the recycling aspect of it, of course, but it was this part that sold me (from the Ontario program):

If your (GM) vehicle is a 1995 model or older and still on the road, you may be eligible to receive $1,000 towards the purchase of a new GM vehicle.

Ah! Now you're talking my language, buster!

When people find out about this blog, I sometimes get told that they'd love to take part in some of the things that I post about, but they don't have the time and/or money (yeah, because I'm swimming in cash).

For that reason, I'm always more partial to programs that offer a benefit of some sort as encouragement. That way, it makes it harder for people to come up with an excuse.

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