Sunday, April 08, 2007

Keep Your Pants On in New Zealand.

From Radion New Zealand News:

A move by the Government that could result in streakers being jailed has been labelled as absurd by the Green Party.

The Government has introduced a supplementary order paper to the Major Events Management Bill, which could result in a person who illegally invades a pitch at a big event being sentenced to three months' jail or fined up to $5000.

Green MP Keith Locke says streaking is an area of considerable amusement for New Zealanders and has become part of the country's sporting culture.

He says the move is aimed at the multinational corporations that plan to advertise at the Rugby World Cup.

Nice to know that things are so good in New Zealand that they can take the time to debate such things.

I guess ultimately I don't have strong feelings over this huge issue, but overall I think that if I'm at a sporting event in New Zealand, I'd rather the locals keep their kiwis wrapped up, if you follow my meaning.

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