Saturday, April 07, 2007

Save Animals From Chapped Lips!

Or something. I didn't read it very closely.

I'm kidding. In fact, I got a newsletter from the Animal Protection Institute. Frankly, for me they're largely useless because their action alerts usually involve U.S.-based issues. I can't write to my congressman when I'm asked, and if I wrote to a specific one that they suggest, I doubt that the pleas of a Canadian would have much impact. But I like to see what they're working on, so I remain subscribed.

API's newsletters include a section about other ways to help (and refreshingly, they don't all involve making a monetary donation).

Recently, one caught my eye. A company named My Lip Stuff offers three different kinds of lip balms created specially for the API.

My Lip Stuff & the ANIMAL PROTECTION INSTITUTE (API) have teamed up to bring you an awesome way to soften your lips & show your support for API and their cause with a donation from My Lip Stuff!

My Lip Stuff will donate 50% of the retail price of these special edition lip balms to help API in their efforts to help the animals. That means for every tube of My Lip Stuff with the API logo on the label that you purchase for $3.00 we will donate $1.50 to API!

Thanks for the mathematical example. ;-) Furthermore...

Not only are these lip balms CCIC Leaping Bunny certified (never tested on animals), the My Lip Stuff company is also dedicated to using "green power" from renewable resources such as wind, water, or landfill gases; and the products never contain any harsh ingredients such as petroleum or mineral oil.

Mind you, they don't have much for guys so I'm kind of out of luck. But they're trying! They have something called "Panty Raid" lip balms.

I'm not sure that I understand though. Maybe I should google "Panty Raid" and see what I come up with.

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