Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hello Gorgeous!

New link for the IFAW, an organization that I've been keeping my eye on for a little while. I've linked the Canadian version of the site specifically. If you're not Canadian, find your version of the site from the flags across the top.

IFAW was founded in Canada in 1969 to confront the cruel commercial slaughter of harp and hooded seals. Today, it is the world's leading international animal welfare organization, and one of the largest animal welfare organizations in Canada.

We are a pragmatic and dedicated family of professionals who believe that animals suffer far too much from commercial exploitation, habitat destruction, and needless cruelty. We are joined in this belief by more than 50,000 caring Canadians.

50,001 now, baby!

Speaking of babies, the young lady above is Lenga, a two-month old giraffe (obviously...hell, even I knew that...though I believe I've been spelling "giraffe" with one "f" my whole life) currently calling a zoo in Frankfurt, Germany home.

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