Monday, February 13, 2006


Whoo! Christine doesn't know this yet, but I have tomorrow off so I can make dinner for her. It'll be a nice change for her because she makes most of the meals. I say "most" because I made it one night early last week, and I think I also made dinner once when it snowed real badly here back in January 1998 or so.

I'm going to scout through the VegWeb site that I've had linked for some time for some ideas. They have a great variety and I'm sure I can find something that even I can handle. I've got my eye on some veggie penne thing that seems manageable. It's probably no secret that I'm not particularly proficient in the kitchen so wish me luck!

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FAF said...

Whatever you come up with...she will love it!!! Bon Appetit and Happy Valentine's day to you both.