Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pups Used as Drug Couriers

This story is going around some now.

In this 2005 photo released by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006, five of the ten puppies who were used by Colombian drug Traffickers as canine drug mules are shown in Colombia. The ten puppies, including Labrador retrievers, were rescued during a recent raid on a laboratory in Colombia where authorities claim that they were being surgically implanted with packets of liquid heroin and transported to the United States, federal authorities said Wednesday.

Reminds me of those "The more people I meet, the more I love my dog" bumper stickers.

So apparently, this vetenarian would stitch bags of drugs into the bellies of these pups and fly them into the States. Once the dog arrived at their destination, I can only imagine by what means the drugs were recovered.

Something mentioned on TV earlier however, that I have yet to see in print (though you'll excuse me if I choose to not dwell on this story), is that the little guy at the right has apparently been approved to be trained as a drug-sniffing dog. I hope that was accurate; it would make a positive ironic twist to an otherwise disgusting story.

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FAF said...

We live in a sick world!!!