Friday, February 03, 2006

What's Swedish for Common Sense Again?

Take a bow, all you blue-eyed blond(e)s!

By 2020 Sweden wants to be the first country worldwide no longer using oil for energy purposes.
At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Sweden was ranked number one in Europe with regards to environmental protection. The various environmental programs in Sweden include numerous commercial energy projects that help minimize dependency on expensive fuel imports. These installations clearly demonstrate the viable production of environmentally sustainable and renewable energy based on locally available resources such as residential, commercial and industrial waste as well as biomass.
Sweden is a globally acknowledged world leader in the use of bioenergy, offering tax incentives and state funding to stimulate new technologies and systems.

All the clean living will probably help others to look like the lovely former Miss Sweden, Annika Duckmark.

Yeah, I know she has absolutely nothing to do with this story...but I came across her picture while researching this and I can't take my eyes off her. She's no Lenga the Giraffe, but she's pretty sweet on the eyes nonetheless...Great Ceasar's Ghost...

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FAF said...

Correct. No offense to Miss Sweden but...she is definitely NOT Lenga the giraffe. Look at Lenga's expressive eyes...and that smile would melt a heart of steel. By the way, giraffe with only one "f" is not is only your French background coming to the surface:-)