Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Believe I Have Achieved Success.

All right, so Christine seemed to enjoy that meal enough, and the house is free of projectile vomiting. I think the end result was rather satisfying, even if the execution was stressful. My timing was way off; the damn water didn't seem to want to boil and the eggplant was ready far faster than I expected, and so on. Whatever. Bottom line, Christine got a well-deserved break.

So only three sleeps from now we take off to Florida for the Daytona 500. There's a terrific "green" activity for ya! Nascar auto racing. No problem, I'm sure those gentlemen are all driving hybrids...

Anyway, one battle at a time. I'm more concerned about food choices while there. I can't imagine that they have many vegetarian options at the track. Should be interesting. I gather I'll be eating an awful lot of French fries.

In any event, I doubt I'll be able to post between February 17th and the 21st, so the two of you who actually visit on occasion will have to find something else to do with those 45 seconds. Hey, make it something green!


FAF said...

I knew you could put this eggplant dish together. As for timing, what can I say??? I have been cooking for a looong time and still don't get the timing right.

AND for your information, I am not one of those who reads this THIT "occasionally"...I read it daily:-) And honestly find it most interesting. Keep up. Those who don't take the time to read it don't know what they are missing.

k said...

I'm reading it - but keep the comments mostly to myself (but my office mates get to enjoy the snickering)

k said...

ps - signing into this thing was a pain in the ass! In fact - I may not be able to remember what I am listed under since it rejected so many times!