Friday, March 03, 2006

Everyone Can Sleep Soundly Tonight.

Our washer crisis has been averted. Everyone can rest easy. It seems that the damaged part is repleacable, and we're going to test it out soon. Mum, you just saved yourself a laundry visit. ;-) Congratulations.

Check out my new lid, man. As promised to the lovely Laurie from IFAW, who sent me that response I mentioned below, I just went shopping on their site. Got me that cap, except I got it in khaki green, 'cause I'm a soldier, baby. A warrior, if you will, for this big spaceship called Earth. Lock and load. It'll be my "war hat" when I spend my Friday nights saving the world. Whoooooooo!!

Hey, you know what's really good? Honey Dijon Kettle Chips.

Yeah, I sounds like a weird mix. And the first one might make you wonder what the hell you're eating. But a try a few and see if you're able to stop. They're terrific. They claim "No trans fat, no MSG, no guilt". Having eaten a whole large bag in one evening, I can't swear to that last one...but I love 'em. As someone reviewing these on a vegan site said: "I think you all are losers if you don't like Kettle chips!" There you go. Hard to argue with that logic.

They're having a vote now to determine their next flavour. I can't imagine martini-flavoured potato chips, but since I don't eat chicken wings anymore, maybe the bleu cheese ones would be a nice reminder. Ah, decisions...

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