Tuesday, March 21, 2006


All right. I went to the gym today and they moved everything around. I tried to get myself a stair-climber but I couldn't locate one. I instead snagged one of those glider thingies that's kind of like cross-country skiing but without quite the same range of motion. It was as close as I could get.

I'm proud to report that I did not heave all over myself. A good first sign. I'm going to check on the finances of the whole thing this weekend. Being that the CN Tower Climb is April 29th, I'll be almost exactly a month removed from the event. If I can fully commit, I'm doing so by the end of the day Sunday.

As far as Renegade DoNations go, I've heard that one of the team staff members wants to help me get that off the ground. Nice that I got someone's attention. In fairness, I understand that most teams don't sell their single-game tickets by now, but I just wish someone had shared that with me before I'd gotten into planning it full-tilt. Ah well. Hope it all works out. Wish me luck.

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FAF said...

Glad you tried the glider. I know it does not really simulate stair climbing. As for myself, I hate both stair climber and glider with a passion. The point is...they will both strenghten your legs, heart and lungs. And this is exactly what you will need in the CN Tower...strong legs, strong heart, powerful lungs:-)