Sunday, March 26, 2006

I Would Leap Over it in a Single Bound...

However, these folks expect me to climb the stairs.

Well, it's done. I'm officially registered to climb the CN Tower. I went to the gym this morning, got on one of those death-dealing stairmaster machines, and climbed 50 damn floors worth. I didn't collapse or soil myself, so I'm confident I can pull this off without embarassment.

My travel arrangements are set. I'll be staying at the Skydome Hotel (I'm not calling it the Rogers Center) so I'll be close by. If you recall, I refuse to fly now so I'm taking the train there and back leaving early Friday and returning late Saturday. No doubt after all that climbing I'll be looking forward to sitting on a train for four hours.

I have a very modest goal of raising $100. They (the WWF) set you up with a website, though you can't make many changes to it. You can add text, but you can't modify theirs, which I guess is understandable.

If the link above doesn't work, then please go to the main page, click "sponsor a climber" and search for "Fournier".

Other than that...Wish me luck!

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FAF said...

Go for it, Superman! You can do it! And who knows? I may decide to accompany you next year if you don't mind the company. Good luck*