Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Take a Bow, IFAW.

Regardless of that seal hunt issue, I believe I'm going to get involved with the International Fund for Animal Welfare this month.

While waiting for a response from the CVMA (which has yet to arrive), I wrote to the IFAW to ask a very simple question.

Their website features several different campaigns. But right at the moment, I'm more concerned about the seal hunt. So I wanted to know: If I donate specifically through the seal hunt campaign page, can I be asured that my funds will go towards that cause entirely?

The answer? No. But I appreciated that they admitted that, and explained why.

Previously, we have offered our supporter the opportunity to have their donation restricted to a specific campaign. What we found was that the administrative costs associated with allocating each donation took up a tremendous amount of time. It was not a cost effective way to support our work. In fact, it was proving to be very ineffective.

To tell you the truth, I didn't think it was realistic, and if the lady who replied had given me a "no problem" response, I'd have been suspicious. So I thanked her for her answer, and plan to do a little shopping on their site this weekend.

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