Sunday, March 26, 2006

That Was Fast...

Yesterday, Christine at one point told me she was going to Home Depot for...huh...something. I probably wasn't listening very closely.

Usually, when she goes to the grocery store for something specific, she'll ask if I want anything. She seldom asks me this when she goes to a place like Canadian Tire or Home Depot. She must have been lightly surprised when I said "Ooh! Can you get me some compact fluorescent light bulbs?!" But she did that for me, despite what she saw as an unfortunate lack of selection.

Turns out a 3-pack cost about $15. She got the A-type showing on this page. Globe's (a Montreal-based company) claim:
"Globe enersaver bulbs use up to 70% less energy and last up to 6 times longer than regular lights bulbs! That's significant savings and perfectly suited for foxy treehugging types!"
All right, so I made up that part after "savings". Still, I may contact them to sugget the add it, so I think it sort of counts.

These guys are 7-watt bulbs but apparently the equivalent of 40-watt'ers. We'll use them in the crawl space (though it's not like we spend much time down there so I don't see much benefit to that) and in the two lamps in the main bedroom. In fact, I'm going to go make the change now!

Damn...I've never been so excited to change a light bulb in my life...

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