Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Still At It...

So I haven't forgotten about the seal hunt. After receiving some info from them (below) I found that, not suprisingly, it clashed with that provided from the IFAW et al. But something that did jump out at me in a newspaper article was that the limit and exact date for this year's hunt had yet to be set.

Really? But why, pray tell! So I asked and received the following response...
Unfortunately, since our service only offers basic
information on the programs and services of the Department
of Fisheries and Oceans / Canadian Coast Guard, we cannot
provide the information you requested.

We have, however, forwarded your request to a
representative who will assist you further.
Imagine that. Governmental run-around. And go figure, I didn't get an answer from this mystery, unnamed representative. We'll wait until tomorrow, if I haven't gotten an answer I'll ask specifically who my inquiry was sent to.

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