Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New Link: Green for Good is the first company to bring a variety of natural, healthy, environmentally friendly and organic products from different companies together on one central web site giving consumers one-stop shopping for green products. The company currently showcases more than 2,000 products made by more than 40 merchants, but Kaufer pointed out that will soon change. “Due to the investment we made in our company’s infrastructure, we now have the capability to rapidly increase the number of products offered on We are busy signing deals with dozens of new partners across the country who will be selling their products on the site. It won't be long before we triple the number of both products and vendors featured,” he said.

Sounds good to me. They're based in Washington state, mind you, so if you're not crazy about the conversion, shipping, etc there's also the option of, which is based in Toronto.

My wallet's falling apart on me and I believe I shall invest in a nice hemp one, just to see if that stuff's as strong as it's said to be. If it can handle a few months next to my glutes of steel, it can handle anything.

Christine has warned me to not carry it with me to the airport around the drug-sniffing dogs. I roll my eyes in your general direction, lass! Pay attention, I've already sworn off flying.

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