Thursday, March 09, 2006

Morning Ditty.

A little something that I came across this morning, which adds to the response that I received from the Department of Fisheries. This is from an extensive article in a paper called The Epoch Times.

A 2002 Canadian Veterinary Medical Association investigation concluded that 98 percent of seals taken during the hunt "are killed in an acceptably humane manner." But Turcotte points out that a group of independent veterinarians, invited by the IFAW to observe the hunt in 2001, stated in their report that the hunt results in "considerable and unacceptable suffering" for the young seals.

Wow, how did they miss that when they e-mailed me their response? But at least the first part supports a portion of their claim. They didn't outright lie, they just told me the part they wanted me to know.

The article is quite good, and does the best job I've seen of explaining it from both points of view.

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